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Yerma is one of the three tragic plays which form Lorca’s famous ‘Rural Trilogy’. The others being Bodas de sangre (‘Blood Wedding‘) and La Casa de Bernarda Alba (‘The House of Bernarda Alba’). The trilogy similarly emphasise the submissive position of women who desire freedom in a traditional society which denies them social or sexual equality.

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Review, Liverpool Echo, Joe Riley – 9/10
“Needless to say, BBC and West End producers would do well to re-engage with the spirit and talent contained in shows such as this.
Far too many faces, voices and intellects are conveniently located within the perimeter of the M25.
Jen Heyes’ composite production is the good old home-made stuff of crafted entertainment, way beyond today’s quick-fix remit of performing a list of old hits by even older pop stars, and deeming to call it theatre. “

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